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#FreeTom Edition

by JC Bobbitt •  May 30, 2018  •  0 comments

With Tom on assignment this week, JC is joined in studio by Dan from Section 328 and the Subverted Tropes podcast to talk about last night’s experience at SmackDown Live! Follow us on Twitter: @CheatersNvrPin Watch Live on Twitch:…

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The Four Billion Dollar Edition

by JC Bobbitt •  May 23, 2018  •  0 comments

On this week’s show we discuss the worst segment in recent memory from this week’s Raw, the Fox/WWE deal, our thoughts on Money in the Bank and more. Watch LIVE: twitch,tv/cheatersnvrpin Like Us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:…

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We’re Sorry Edition

by JC Bobbitt •  May 16, 2018  •  0 comments

We’re sorry for the last two weeks of WWE and the low energy is has provided for this episode. We’re sorry we can’t fix terrible booking and the abomination that was WWE Backlash. Follow on Twitter: @CheatersNvrPin Watch on Twitch: Like…

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LIVE Edition

by JC Bobbitt •  May 2, 2018  •  0 comments

On this, the first ever episode where Tom & JC were face-to-face, we breakdown the Greatest Royal Rumble and get you ready for this Sunday’s WWE Backlash pay per view.

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Greatest Edition

by JC Bobbitt •  April 25, 2018  •  0 comments

Apologies for the audio issues, but we have an all-new episode for you! On deck this week we have our predictions for the Greatest Royal Rumble, our thoughts on the legacy of Bruno Sammartino, and a discussion in the value of titles in WWE in…

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Wrestlemania NOLA Preview Edition

by JC Bobbitt •  April 4, 2018  •  0 comments

This week, we get ready for the granddaddy of ’em all and give our thoughts on the matches and the outcomes. We also discuss NXT Takeover and some indie shows you can’t miss this weekend. Follow us on Twitter: @CheatersNvrPin Music by…

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Jerky Aficionado Edition

by JC Bobbitt •  March 7, 2018  •  0 comments

After a bit of a hiatus, we’re back. We talk NXT taping spoilers, answer your #PinMail, and manage to squeeze in all of our impersonations. It’s a good show, and you should give it a listen! Follow Us on Twitter: @CheatersNvrPin Like Us…

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Random Luchador Edition

by JC Bobbitt •  February 7, 2018  •  0 comments

On this week’s show, we talk about the WWE Mixed Match Challenge, the changes 205 Live, and Jason Jordan’s neck surgery. A shorter than usual show, but another fun trip through wrestling this week. Follow us on Twitter: @CheatersNvrPin Like Us on Facebook:…

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Point At The Sign Edition

by JC Bobbitt •  January 31, 2018  •  0 comments

This week, we break down what happened this past weekend at NXT Takeover and at the Royal Rumble. What happened then and what’s going to happen going forward? We give all our thoughts on another great show! Follow us on Twitter: @CheaterNvrPin Like…

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Goldberg – 2018 WWE Hall of Fame Debate

by JC Bobbitt •  January 31, 2018  •  0 comments

In this series, we give our views on each 2018 WWE Hall of Fame inductee as they are announced. What makes or doesn’t make them worthy of this honor? Is this the right time for their induction? Check back here on as each inductee…

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